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Universal Orlando® Resort
Prepare for an extraordinary vacation! While the worries of traveling with the whole family will linger, preparedness is the key to ensuring reduced stress and the best vacation possible while you’re joining us at Universal Orlando® Resort. Simply do some homework and get it together, and this will be the smoothest ride of your life.

Here are some helpful hints and suggestions to help perfect your Universal Orlando® experience.

Common Conundrums

Conundrum No. 1
"I tend to over pack"
If you’re not going to wear it more than three times, don’t pack it! Every piece of clothing you bring should match or complement another item or have at least two uses (for example: sandals that double as slippers, an oversize shirt that can be used as a nightgown and beach cover–up.)

Try to limit yourself to three or four colors, including a light or neutral color like white or khaki and a dark color, like navy, charcoal or black. That way, nearly everything article of clothing will complement everything else.

Bring at least one or two short sleeve shirts and one or two long sleeved shirts. The long sleeves are great because they can roll up and double as a short sleeve. Also, bring wrinkle free fabrics.You’ll want to bring two swimsuits so you can have the option of taking a plunge more than once each day, and bring different styles, so you don’t get funny tan lines. Plus, you’ll want to wear a swimsuit undergarment to the parks so you can enjoy the water rides.

Mom Squad Tip: These six pieces will give you nine potential combinations: a black skirt, black pants, khaki pants, a white shirt, a black shirt and a print in any color.

Conundrum No. 2
"My toiletries weigh a ton"
From makeup to the emergency manicure kit, women have a variety of packing needs that should not be overlooked. That said, there are some things you should take and some you should leave home. Items, like your toothbrush, deodorant and hairbrush are essential. Beyond that, if you end up needing something you can always get it at the hotel gift shop (antacids, dental floss, mouthwash, razors). Limit makeup to what you use on your face every day plus one extra lipstick. And forget any jewelry that you aren’t already wearing – it just complicates your life and you run the risk of losing it.

Mom Squad Tip: Transfer your shampoo, conditioners and creams into travel sized bottles. And put containers that leak in Ziploc bags to avoid a mess.

Conundrum No. 3
"The weather might change"
Check the weather report and organize your wardrobe around a specific color scheme so you can mix and match items more effectively. Light colors will help to reflect the sun’s rays. Natural fibers breathe the most and will dry the quickest. Pack items that are conventional, comfy and sturdy. Layering is the best way to deal with changes in temperature. Windbreakers are great because they do double duty on windy days and can be waterproof.

Mom Squad Tip: You can ward off sweat when the temperature is rising by wearing clothing made of synthetic-blend fabrics which wick moisture away from the body and dry quickly.

Conundrum No. 4
"My clothes get wrinkled"
Leave the tissue paper, and rolling, folding and interlocking tricks at home. A much easier solution is to pack clothes that don’t have to be ironed. Knits, denim and lycra are all winners.

Mom Squad Tip: Hang garments in the bathroom when you shower. The steam generated from a warm shower can often reduce wrinkles in some garments.

Conundrum No. 5
"My shoes take up too much space"
Resist! This is not the place for Prada 5-Inch heels. Leave 'em home. The goal is to be cool and comfortable. Bring one pair of good, comfy walking shoes. You are going to spend a lot of time on your feet, either walking or standing. For the second pair, bring sandals or other low-heeled shoes that works for both everyday and dress up.

Mom Squad Tip: Bring an extra set of shoes for the kids, in case one pair gets wet on the water rides.

Bonus Essential Packing Tip: What you can’t live without…a good novel, contact numbers, camera, film, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and that proposal you worked on for 27 hours straight. You might also look into buying those little ropes to hold your glasses on while you ride. And most importantly, pack an empty duffle for all the souvenirs you collect.